120mm Mortar Fire - French M327 & US Army's M120 - YouTube

Soldiers conduct fire missions with 120mm mortars as part of military exercises. Clips include - mortar tube calibration, mortar fire, loading of shells. Vid...

120mm Mortar Mega Plant - Video Results

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Patria Nemo 120mm Mortar 8X8 Armoured Vehicle 1080p - YouTube

Nov 04, 2016 · tubalcain Takes a Roadtrip to the POWER PLANT pt 2 EMD engines - Duration: 18:44. mrpete222 ... (AMOS) - Twin Barrel 120mm Mortar - Duration: 17:11. Matsimus 1,014,293 views. 17:11 ...

Spear 120mm Mobile Mortar System | Military.com

Elbit Systems' SPEAR is a fully autonomous, vehicle-mounted 120mm soft recoil mortar system designed for high mobility platforms. Equipped with a patent pending recoil system that reduces the ...

FM 23-90 W CH 1 MORTARS - United States Marine Corps

FM 23-90 C1 Change 1 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 9 December 2002 Mortars This change updates misfire procedures for ground- and carrier-mounted 120-mm

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The German produced 120mm mortar was called the 12 cm Granatwerfer 42. Captured Russian ones in German service were designated the 12 cm Granatwerfer 378(r). The numbers can be compared with 79,000 81mm mortars and 26,000 50mm ones in the early war, with 74 million 81mm rounds made and 22 million 50mm rounds.

Mortar 120mm M95 Long Range - Wikipedia

The 120mm М95 LONG RANGE Mortar is a 120 mm (4.75 inch) mortar that was developed by Military Technical Institute Belgrade of Serbia. It is long-range and heavier mortar compared to the light mortar 120mm M75 and represents further development of Universal Mortar UB M52

Very Dangerous 120mm Mortar Misfire | Military.com

Very Dangerous 120mm Mortar Misfire. 22 Sep 2011 | Posted by Member 26835147 "The mortar has an extra propellant charge (those "donuts" above the fins) and the heat of the barrel from constant ...

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We just received these cans and we're anxious to share them! They are 32" high, 11" wide, and 6" deep. Designed for top loading/unloading, these heavy-duty cans are great for collectors and also make very practical storage containers for tools, ammo, etc. Lid has a rubber gasket which makes the can watertight when closed and locked.

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The most notable rifled 120 mm mortar is the French-designed MO-120 RT-61, which is currently in service with at least 24 different armed forces in the world, including the US Marine Corps (General Dynamics, 2007). Figure 2. An example of HE ammunition for the 120 mm MO-120 RT-61 rifled mortar.